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Chairman and vicechairman

As chairman, you are ultimately responsible for everything that happens within the association. The main tasks you carry out as chairman include organising the AGMs, making the agendas and making sure your fellow board members carry out the tasks properly. As vice-chairman, you are mainly there to support the rest of your board, of course this is different with every board. The handover document below explains everything in more detail.


The secretary of a study association is responsible for representing the association in writing. Thus, the secretary is responsible for reporting. Tasks that the secretary has include taking minutes of meetings, keeping membership records and managing e-mail and mail. The handover document explains everything further.


The treasurer is the manager of the money. The treasurer decides when and how much money can be spent. Quite an important job, then, especially with the big expenses like a trip abroad. You can read more about this below.

Internal coordinator

As an internal coordinator, you are mainly concerned with members and committees. You ensure that all committees do their work properly and that everything runs smoothly. In addition, you are also one of the members’ first points of contact, so be nice and social and a listening ear. Read more about that below.

External coordinator

As external coordinator, your first priority is to conclude partnerships and sponsorships with external parties. You can do this to get more money for the association, but this could also be to organise a company visit or to organise a fun activity. You can read more about this below.

Remaining transfer

Besides all the functions, of course, you also have a lot of information about how an association works and what the normal course of events is. In addition, as an association you also have to comply with certain requirements. This is further explained below in this document.

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