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The SSA organises various activities and projects throughout the year. Which ones these include is explained below.


In order to provide the boards with professional support, various workshops are organised throughout the year. These workshops focus on certain competences that are necessary for managing a Hanze UAS student organisation. The workshops may also focus on practical skills. When organising the workshops, attention is usually paid to the demand from organisations for certain competencies.

Advisory Committee (CvA)

Every year, two Advisory Committee meetings are organised. The first will take place at the beginning of the academic year and here the policy plan and the financial budget will be presented. At the end of the academic year the second CvA will take place. Here the annual report will be presented.

General Meeting Organisations (AVO)

The purpose of an AVO is to bring boards together in a professional manner to discuss current problems, but also possible solutions. In this way, the boards can help each other improve their organisations in many different areas.

Sports activities

The purpose of the sports activities is to bring the boards into contact with each other in an informal way. In this way, the boards get to know each other better, which strengthens the group and lowers the threshold for asking each other for help.

Board competition

Every year, the SSA organises a board competition in which boards can participate. This board competition contains assignments that the boards can complete, in order to get to know each other better on a social level. At the end of the academic year, a prize ceremony takes place and the winner is announced.

Board weekend

Just like the sports activities, the board weekend is intended to enhance the social bonds between the Hanze UAS student organisations. As the name suggests, it is a weekend in which a large group of board members go to a location to do various fun activities. In addition, this weekend helps to integrate the board members appointed in February into the group of already active students.

Green Label

The Green Label is the label designed by the SSA, which Hanze UAS student organisations can obtain when they meet certain sustainability requirements. These requirements are described in the Green Label handbook.

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