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As the umbrella organisation of the Hanze UAS student organisations, the SSA has an inspiring exemplary function for making its four core values feasible. The four core values that are central to the SSA are: to support, to connect, to defend and to inspire.


The SSA aims to be the liaison between the HG, the Hanze UAS organisations and external parties with the aim of supporting each other and increasing their cooperation.

In order to connect the Hanze UAS organisations, the SSA organises various social activities. The SSA does this in order to strengthen the bonds between them. In addition to social activities, the SSA also organises four General Meetings Organisations (AVO). The purpose of an AVO is to bring together the Hanze UAS organisations so that they can get to know each other and help each other. In addition, the progress of the SSA is discussed and there is an opportunity to discuss problem issues from the organisations.

In addition to linking the Hanze UAS organisations, the SSA also makes use of a large external network, including the National Platform. The National Platform is a platform set up by the SSA and consists of umbrella organisations from throughout the Netherlands. The umbrella organisations can advise each other on issues within the National Platform. Having a large network is advantageous for all organisations.

By providing information in English, the international directors become more involved in the aforementioned network. In addition, the SSA organises activities in English when there is a demand for it, in order to promote inclusiveness.


The SSA offers support to Hanze UAS organisations. The SSA does this by organising workshops with the aim of increasing their knowledge and skills, offering financial support and giving advice. In this way, both the board members and the organisations have the opportunity to develop during their board year and achieve their goals.


Hanze UAS organisations need space and opportunity. The SSA represents the interests of Hanze UAS organisations, in order to enable them to develop and grow within their organisations. The SSA believes it is important to make the organisations’ problems known and to discuss them with HG. The SSA discusses these issues during regular meetings with the Executive Board, the Student Affairs Department and, if necessary, the institute. During these meetings, problems from the organisations or the SSA may come up, which are then discussed and, where possible, dealt with further.


The SSA believes it is important to inspire organisations to work towards common social goals. Inspiration makes you want to start moving and to move forward. If the SSA sets a good example, and thereby inspires, the organisations will follow more quickly. Important subjects that play a role in inspiring are: sustainability and professionalisation. The organisations can also inspire each other, for example, when writing statutes of association or a policy plan, purchasing a new website, but also when organising a general meeting of members (ALV) or cooperating with an advisory body. This can be discussed when participating in the AVOs and workshops. The Hanze UAS organisations can also offer each other advice via the WhatsApp groups.

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